When Hudson was born, he didn’t exactly have a nursery. I mean, he had a crib and a dresser, but that was pretty much it. I changed his diapers on a portable changing pad on the floor, I sat on the wooden floor of his room in the middle of the night to nurse him, I kept his toys in my nightstand and would let him play on the floor of our room during the day. It wasn’t the coziest, but it worked. We were in transition from one house to the next, and there was no point in moving in a bunch of stuff just to move it right back out again.

Fast forward to real time. Hudson’s nursery is, by far, my favorite room in the house. He can explore and play to his heart’s content without *seriously* hurting himself (I mean, it’s a baby’s goal in life to hurt themselves. I can only baby-proof so much!). I can relax and just hang out with him in there. He’s happy to knock over his buckets of toys and spread them around the room, occasionally climbing onto my lap for a quick cuddle then off again to open drawers and pick at electrical outlets (I try to stop him!).

Some points of interest in his room:

The Christmas wreath I made for Hud’s room (which I’ve decided to leave up all year) made of felt rosettes and a foam form.

A picture that Hudson’s uncle Marc took (Eric’s brother) of Jay Leno and Stirling Moss driving a very cool car at the Monterey Historic Races.

A painting I made for Eric for his birthday a couple of years ago, of the Wright flyer. Eric’s mom’s maiden name is Wright and they are descendants of the Wright brothers (Eric and Hudson’s middle name is Wright). It was hanging in Eric’s office, but now (much to my pleasure!) it’s hanging above Hud’s changing table.

So, there is my sweet little nursery for my sweet little boy. His face makes my heart happy.

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